Guys and Girls

I have a challenge, and I need help of you guys, I made a new blog, that deals with answering questions, so if you have anything at all that you’d like to ask/speak about could you please go hereĀ http://alananswersanything.tumblr.com/

My friends doubt I can actually get any questions, maybe their right but worth a shot

other girlfriend
me and da gal
so you guys like kilts ;)
This is far to cute
We are cute and scottish? have sex with us plz
snapbacks and extremely goodlooking we should be famous - jokes lol hehe :3 :3 

Anonymous said: just kidding, don lyk u, yer pal abby was right, im a slut

i touch weans

Anonymous said: how many ladies have you got now?

4 x

Miss you :(

love-drake15 said: we dont talk anymore :((((

my dick grew to big :(

1-make-mistakes-alot said: Hey Cootieeee<33 xx. kbai.

hey xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

still can’t believe there was 2000 off you at one point

McDonalds dick oot and a fag #indie
d Facebook Covers.